2005 Really Blew

Well, well faithful readers. Did you think Daddy abandoned you?

Well….I did. But I did it for the greatest, noblest, purest reason of all…


I’ve been on the road working as a hurricane adjuster since…ohh…the dawn of time, it seems like. You may have heard that there was some minor hurricane activity along the US Gulf Coast recently. Or, maybe you didn’t. Your paper probably buried it behind the tragic news of the Nick and Jessica breakup.

Anywho, I’ve been in the thick of the disaster since then. Because, as Almighty God is my witness…Wherever there is tragedy…Wherever there is suffering…Wherever my fellow man is in need…I’ll be there.

Finding a way to profit.

And yes, I’ve seen no small amount of craziness to report to you, my devoted and faithful disciples of the Church of Nosiness. Check back soon for some road warrior stories. Your hypnotically enigmatic cult leader commands you.

Right now, I must reunite with the love of my life…



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am all about the 'Church of Nosiness'...Love this blog!

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