Hes Got a 50-50 Chance, But Only a 10% Chance of That

To this day, there’s nothing funnier than ‘The Naked Gun’.

Unless, of course, you count John ‘I BEEEEEELIEEEEEVEEE’ Kerry’s assertion on The Today Show that 53% of “our children” are not graduating from high school.

Now, I don’t remember much from Statistics class, but I do remember the Professor telling us that “Figures lie, liars figure”. Then he gave us a pop quiz that I promptly flunked.

My own calculations being therefore suspect, I consulted the good folks at the US Census Bureau, who apparently are under the impression that as of 2003, “85 percent of adults age 25 and over had completed at least high school, an all-time high.” They also report that, “27 percent of adults age 25 and over had a college degree, another record.” See their press release here.

To her credit, Katie Couric, relentless bulldog journalist that she is, promptly…let it slide.

Maybe he was talking about his own kids…


Blogger Dennie McDonald said...

which is worse - the politican or the media - it's a toss up

they are both bottom feeders it just depends on the subject to which is at the bottom

6:47 PM  
Blogger Johnny Undercover said...

Ahhhh, nothing really personal against Kerry. He was just the Jackass du Jour for the moment.

My point is, statistical evidence should always be suspect, specifically because we've been conditioned to accept it unquestioningly. Katie Couric being a fine example.

If you’re going to spout BS figures, be sure its plausible BS. Saying that half of US schoolchildren aren’t graduating high school causes a visceral reaction amongst the remotely intelligent.

I mean, half?


26.7%, I might have bought that.

8:30 AM  

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