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Ahhhhh, Google. You tried to wipe out all evidence of your crime, didn’t you? Seriously, you guys need to watch more CSI or something. Rookie, rookie, ROOKIE error!

You should know that removing the page you used to have regarding your no censorship policy in the Google Help Center wouldn’t fool the Gaggle of Google Cache Hunters out there.

Props to The Forest for the Trees for digging up the evidence of their old censorship policy. Using the Google cache, of course. There’s probably a funnier story out there somewhere, but damned if I could find it.

More alternate Google logos here. Don’t cry for them, Argentina.


Blogger G-MAN said...

Now that is hilarious!

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Vendor said...

Where was this when Walmart started sleeping in the same bed as China?

8:36 PM  
Blogger Johnny Undercover said...

Liked your blog, Vendor.

Google isn’t being called to task for doing business in China. They’re being called to task for engaging in some of the most gloriously blatant hypocrisy since the late Jimmy Swaggert (yeah, I know he’s still technically alive).

Take, for example, this quote I screenshot today from the Google Help Center after searching the keyword “censor”. It produces a page with the heading:

“What can I do if a site in your search results ripped me off?”

‘As you may know, Google is a reflection of the web. Although we aggregate and organize content published on the web, we don't control the content itself.

It's our policy not to police content. Rather we hope that by including as much information as possible in our results, you'll be able to easily find warnings about rogue sites.’

I’m prepping a post with several such self-righteous gems from their help page and terms of service. Didn’t even have to case the cache for these.

Point is, Google all but begged to be called out on this issue. Especially after the story about their principled refusal to cooperate with the US government (which I supported, by the way).

9:56 PM  

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